Slovenian partners have already cooperate in the project DES-MAR – Design in marketing in 2007/08.

2005/06 – Iternational project (IT, SLO)

It was selected among the evaluated projects implemented by schools from 2001 to 2006 in Hidden Treasures or Leonardo da Vinci for extension to other schools.

2007/08 – National network project

Reward for self-initiative, innovation and above-average results from the Center for Vocational Education of Slovenia.

DES-MAR was about:

  • Recognition of the importance of well prepared visual communication for success of the company (virtual firm – corporate identity and marketing communication)
  • Two different disciplines /schools working together to achieve a common goal – good marketing communication combines two disciplines – economic and design (company and advertising agency)
  • Including experts from labour market into teaching / lerning proces – simulating real comunication between company and advertising agency (BRIF).

EDECO was about:


Developing teachers’ skills on:

  • coaching,
  • e- environments and,
  • entrepreneurship.


  • How can teachers foster passion among their students for what they do?
  • How can we meet the competence needs of the changing world of work?
  • How can we incorporate confident use of e-tools in supporting learning?
  • How can we foster entrepreneurship among our students?

Leading partner and City of Glasgow College have already cooperate in ERASMUS + K1 activities – mobility.

20.10.2015 – 26. 10. 2015

Rosana Pahor was in City of Glasgow College – Job shadowing – Erasmus+ KA1-VET-6/15.

9.2.2016 – 13. 2. 2016

James Wilson and Barbara Aitkenhead were on School centre Nova Gorica on Staff mobility for training.

K1 – staff mobility was about:

  • knowledge of curriculum, teaching methods used and other approaches to achieve better employability among young people (industry partnership, commercial development)
  • knowledge of creation of the curriculum and other methods to achieve better link between education and labor market (youth employability, Bridge to Business)
  • effective methods for achieving quality in teaching and learning (Active learning, Blended learning, Curriculum for excellence, Employer engagement, Quality, diversity and Inclusion, Project based learning)
  • building the foundation for long-term mobility K1 action
  • application for funding together Erasmus +, action – K2 .